What most people don’t  understand about Malan's music is that much of it comes from great pain, depression , suicide, and disappointments. He doesn't' create and perform music because it’s nice, he creates and performs music because it’s therapy. When you hear hope in the music it’s only because of Christ. He is often discriminated against because of his gospel roots and belief in Jesus. But what these people don’t realize is that without the gospel he wouldn’t be alive today, literally. When he sings he is only expressing the faith that has kept me from committing suicide. God has given him music and film as a way to rise above the extreme emotional anguish and  use it to help others do the same. ( learn more )


Bitterness can destroy us if we hold on to it. The message of Be Leave is "Be who Christ calls us to be, and leave bitterness behind". Christ calls us to be the light in a dark world ( Matthew 5:14). He calls us to forgive, and be kind even to our enemies ( Luke 6:27). He says we can’t be forgiven by God unless we forgive others ( Matthew 18:35). Our faith in Jesus causes us to love our enemies , and pay for those who persecute us ( Matthew 5:44). Many times our worst enemies are people i our own family, just as Jesus warned “ Your enemies will be right in your own household!” ( Matthew 10:34). Yet we are to Love them regardless of what they do as as sign of faith in God. This sign of faith can direct a whole nation towards the path of life, harmony, and peace.

Who are you? Are you your skin color? No, you are that spirit, that soul within. We live in a confusing time with so many voices pulling us in every direction about who we are, and what we should be. Yet, when I wanted to take my life I realized that we can only know who we truly are in the light of who Christ is. To Be True is to realize your first love. Who is our first love? Our first love is the one who created us. He believed in us so much that he not only breathed his life into us, but died so that we might breathe again. Therefore we don’t hide , but we be True by telling our story , and living out the gospel.

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