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I Sing About LOVE

It's time to bring meaning back to music. When I hear things on the radio it all sounds like noise ,no meaning, no love, no charity. It's time to change the way we make music it's time to bring back the lyrics that bring people back to life, it's time to think thoughtfully about our words and not just say whatever comes to mind. We are not the Roman Empire, we do not carelessly rip people apart for entertainment sake, NO we are humane. We speak the truth in love not out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but out of a heart that wants to please God and help humanity. Words can build worlds and they can also demolish so with the words that I speak let them bring life, amen. let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in the sight of God, amen . That my conscience be clean and my heart be pure. May I be balanced in love and truth. May I build and not destroy may I love, and not hate. May I do the will of my Father in heaven. Life is worth living, and life does have meaning, and this meaning is found in true love - Not to be confused with lust and selfishness....but real love that is thoughtful, patient,kind compassionate, selfless ,caring this is what makes life meaningful. This is what I sing about, and that's why we need to bring these type of songs back.

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