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Branching Out

I’m excited about this year. Reading has made a difference in my life. The first book I explored this year was” One Minute manager. From this book I got the idea of writing down my Top Ten Goals of the year, and then writing a 250 paragraph of how that should look.

I’m also attending DLT( Discipleship Leader Training) at my church, and from that got a good article called the ” Tyranny of the Urgent” This article makes me take sometime on how I’m spending my time, and reserve my Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for planning preparing, and doing restorative work ( Saturday) . Saturday is my day of giving back and charity.

I also fell in love, but I could be tripping though, haha. I don’t know , but it doesn’t matter, all that really matters is if I’m doing 125% and leaving the rest to God. I use to be so adamant about having it my way, but I know I need to be patient, and set out for the longterm goals instead – But I have good vibes about  mi flower. 😉

Picked up another teaching job  although it’s contracted, and not under the cultural arts program I’m working with now. It’s causing me to stretch a little further, because I have do this as a business rather than than employee.

working hard…

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