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Who Are You?

I cannot plow your fields, my neck was not meant for a yoke. I am not as strong as an ox, because I was giving wings to fly #Be True

These thoughts come from a conversation with a friend about life, and identity:

Growing up parents are god to us, but when we get older we then understand we must walk on our own two feet. We think for ourselves, come to our own conclusions, and sometimes they’re different from what our parents think.

Though a printer may be the device in which a story is printed, it’s not the printer that is the author of the story, nor did it sequence the words together. Although parents have birthed us into the world that doesn’t mean they really understand who we are. So when asking the question ” Who are you” some people just see the form (the paper) the exterior. They only see they’re ethnicities, skin color, facial features, height , and weight.

But to the God-literate, we see the heart behind the form. We see more than just a sheet of paper, we see the beautiful poetry written on the paper. And while some paper may be different than others the real value is in the meaning of words on the paper – not the paper itself.

Without vision, we’ll always be stumbling through life dependent on someone else to tell us, who we are , and what to do. But when God give us vision for our life, then we can walk in confidence and in joy, without being scared of running into a brick wall.

My prayer is that you will see who you are in the light of Christ, and fly in your gifting instead of plow in someone else’s field. Remember who you are.

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