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Go Harder, and work Smarter

When things get hard that’s not the time to give up , that’s the time to go harder and work smarter! 

Many times I would give up from rejection , failure or painful insults. Those hurts would replay in my head over and over again…

The results: 
I would start a task and not finish, I wouldn’t stand up for myself, I’d like a girl but never asked her out because I didn’t feel worthy . I kept my ideas to myself because I felt my perspective had little  or no value 

I was a smaller child , than most people my age  , so people would pick on me , doubt my age , and my abilities. Also being a minority was another force against my self-esteem , and self image – cause I wasn’t like everyone else…

I realize so many people suffer from low self-esteem and poor self image , and the result is a very sad world. They think they must be perfect, so they never try or give their best effort – but that’s not how success works 

Failure is a necessary part of the learning process , and if you’re going to be good at anything, you must learn fail good.

When a baby learns to walk he sees Someone else walking then thinks to himself ” today , I shall walk ” , then he jumps to his feet and starts sprinting out the door! Of course not , in growing up there will be failures , but the important thing is that we get back up and make adjustments , not excuses .

As Zig Ziglar use to say ” failure is an event , not a person” 

Many times we don’t try again because of low self esteem. But I realize when things get hard , that’s not the time to give up , but to look fear in its face a scream back with more intensity ” yes I can “! 

– Be true 

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