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Phoenix to San Diego

Today we traveled from Phoenix to San Diego California. The day started out dark and early as we rose before the sun came up. We prayed with Kiersten, who was letting us stay at her place, and then we were on our way to San Diego, California. A friend of Lawrence blessed us with an Airbnb which is a whole house to ourselves, with a kitchen, oven, washer, and dryer! It’s a nice place, but we were just missing two beds, a shower curtain, and some pans to cook with. But fortunately Lawrence’s friend had a friend who let us borrow air mattresses, sleeping bags, and even cookware! This friend, who we just met,  is in  leadership at the church here, and he invited us to go to a chapel service with his staff tomorrow and  meet some of  them – so that’s what we’ll be doing in the morning by the grace of God.  I’m up too late now…. so I’m going to call it a night. There we’re lots of great things that happen today and I’m grateful that no matter where we go, there’s good people who support our mission, and are kind enough to invite us into their homes, but most of all their hearts – God is good. Goodnight,


-Malan Jones

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