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Full Day in San Diego

Today was a full day, we got up around 6AM , did devotion with Willie at North Coast Calvary Chapel here in San Diego, California; then we talked to Mark whom we didn’t even know was the pastor, and also the dad of one of the members in Switchfoot. From there we went to Tri-City Christian School with Willie , and helped out with a human video, which was about the woman caught in adultery, and how Jesus shifted their perspectives by having the religious leaders look at their own sin. Jesus set an example of love, and showed us to not condemn people.

From there Willie got us lunch at Terri’s Cafe, then we went to work on a set for that night, stopped by Loose Leaf Cafe and Mason met a former band member in switch foot. He overheard us talking about our set. Then we came back to our Airbnb, and I worked on a graphic for that night. We left our Airbnb at 4:30pm and headed to North Coast Calvary Chapel, chilled in the cafe, and setup for that night.

After the show a 17 year old guy came up to me with tears and a shaky voice. He expressed how he felt he had a fear of expressing himself to others. We prayed with him, and asked God to help him Remember that he wasn’t given a spirit of timidity, but of love, power and of self-discipline.

The night was good, we connected with high school students, and just gave the message of seeing themselves from Heaven’s eyes. We used our gifts in the arts to encourage, and inspire. That’s what were here to do, shift perspectives from dirt to the treasure that God has placed in each one of us, and help people see and remember who they are in God’s eyes.

Next stop…Irvine, California

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