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Full Day in LA

Today we spent  the day in LA with a lady who worked with Prince for 7 years. We met up with her at 11:30am and talked to her pretty much the whole day, and got feedback about our movie Become. She first gave me props for actually finishing a film, because many people just talk, and talk but never do anything. But we actually finished off the movie in time ( November 18) and screened it multiple times. Anyway, what I took away from our conversation is that the movie needed more story, more background, and to show the transition from where we were to where we are now.

They wanted to know “What did we Become” ? And to tell that story… requires that we dig a little bit deeper into our story of who we are. I put a lot of time into this movie. I quit my job that was paying $35 an hour , and made the investment into my studio ” Mic Solo Studios” to produce this movie Become, which when it makes back the $10,000 I spent on it can develop into ” Become ” studios which  aims is to be a creative voice that inspires individuals to be that positive solution in a morally declined society.

After we talked with Ruth, we then went to a release party, invited by Jamaica Jacobson. There were talented people there, rocking dreads, playing guitar, drums, bass, and spitting rhymes. It was refreshing to see people of color really engaging in their craft, and not limiting themselves to just rap. But whatever you do, do it well. Mykiea just resonated with me, because she’s the type of artist I am, and would like to see more of. It’s like she goes deeper than just a singer but understands the musical structures behind the music which gives it more depth.

Shout out to Mykiea Russell Williams

I  was so exhausted by the end of the day, all I wanted to do was sleep. But Seth and Lawrence kept talking, and we stayed out till  what felt like 1 AM (Tampa Time) , but actually  more around 11:30PM


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