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Full Day in Irvine

Today, I woke up around 6:30AM , did devotion, then tried to import some pictures but something in my head just kept the image locked on my camera or mobile device – call it resistance.  We ate breakfast around 10:00AM thanks to Seth’s auntie,  then I turned on my Lyft app to make money, and  pay bills –  picked up some Trump protestors from downtown Santa Ana. Could only do it for about two hours, and then was off to setup another screening of the movie @ 3PM; this time at a place called Voyager’s.

We screened for  FCA  and it’s funny, because nothing went according to plan…well we didn’t really have a solid plan practiced, haha. Grace was to present her piece before the movie, but a miscommunication happened between me and Seth, and I played the movie. Anyway…it worked out because we gathered together in the hallway while the movie was playing and discussed what we would do after the movie.

Then we went to dinner with some of the folks at Square 1 Pizza, and I talked with this photographer who was passionate about taking his career to a whole other level shout out to Shaun. I told him the story behind the story of Become, cause many people were asking questions about the beginning…and the Rachael Ray thing.

Anyway, It’s cool that were doing these screenings, because it’s giving me a clearer view of how to communicate purposeful things, and how to tell stories better.

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