Malan Jones

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If We Forget

If we forget our pin number, we cannot log into our bank account, if we forget to study , we’ll flunk our test, IF WE FORGET GOD, our nation is hopeless. If we forget where Christ has brought us from, then we become self-righteous, indignant (feeling or showing annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment), and lose our salvation. We must never forget who we are in Christ, A WRETCH saved by grace, deserving death, but given life – we must love others as Christ has loved us. Show compassion to those that don’t even deserve compassion. God doesn’t want OUR WORKS he wants us to Love Justice, but Show Mercy (Micah 6:8) as he has done for us. You may have fallen away, but don’t ever think you’re too far gone, you must understand that just like GPS , God can Reroute you, and lead you in the right direction. So remember your past, but not with shame, but with gratefulness, and repentance. Because of what God did, and what Christ did on that cross you have a reason to celebrate, and not hang your head in shame!

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