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Because One Man had a Dream

Today I was Lyfting a guy who work at a Disneyland restaurant  , it’s weird to think that people have legitimate jobs from an entertainment company that started with a  cartoon mouse. As I was talking to Nicolas he told me how he has health benefits for himself, and his immediate family. But back in Mexico it was bad, and he said he couldn’t find honest work. But here in America  he got married, and now has two boys.  He seems to be happy with the life he has although it’s not lavish, but he has found his happiness….and to think , it was founded by a cartoon mouse.

I wonder if Disneyland didn’t exist what would be here instead? What jobs would be created? What people would their be to work them? How would Nicolas find honest work? I wonder if we don’t dream in this generation what will happen? How many lives , and livelihoods will be forfeited, because we didn’t do the work?

Humanly speaking , many things we dream about seem silly, people laughed at the thought of flight, but now it’s a common thing. People laughed at bottled water, but now it’s one of the top selling beverages.

Living amongst the crowd, can kill your vision. I think that’s why Jesus pulled away from the crowds often to pray, because he knew with God all things are possible.


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