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Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

I realize that my own human perspective is limited. I need God, I need people, I need the community of believers, and unbelievers to help me see and live a productive life.

All good things thrive or crash on successful communication.If you block communication you block the food and fuel of a productive life. That’s why prayer is so important. Jesus says that we should pray without stopping, which I have learned to be a crucial part of my life, because sometimes I can’t express everything I want to other people – but God hears me.
My buddy Lawrence says we should “over communicate” , and I like that term. Sometimes we think we’ve said enough, but the other person may have not received we said correctly. So we have two “ over communicate” an follow-up to really make sure the person understands what we’re seeing.

Communication takes work, and can be exhausting. There’s often repeating, questioning, being very humble to listen. It’s an exchange of  views …it’s putting yourself in somebody else’s experience. It’s Understanding what someone else feels…, and to be honest, a lot of us don’t want to do that, because it can be exhausting and interfere with our  own wants and desires.

Feeling what other people feel can be exhausting but it also can be therapeutic because it helps us see the world in depth , and not just our own small limited perspective. The problem we run into with not communicating is that we assume what the other person is seeing  instead of listening to their heart.
We all see things differently that’s part of the reason why we’re called “individuals” … we are independent visuals. We are placed in different positions of life to see things from different angles. Just because you see something from somebody else’s angle doesn’t mean you’re abandoning your own. It’s OK to see life from someone else’s perspective, it helps give us a bigger picture of life just like having two eyes instead of one.

I think the best thing to do in order to have Great communication is to ask great questions. We  need to think the best of each other, and the best of ourselves. We should ask questions to help us have balanced relationship, and make win win deals.

When you come in communication with  confidence it saves time, and makes the person you’re communicating with trust you more. When you speak  kind and clear it helps your views be clear.

Even if you don’t speak clear… exert effort to understand what the other person is seeing and find new ways to share your experiences in order to make win-win deals.



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