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Next Steps

It’s been a while , but here are the updates for what’s happening next with me, and become March 12th at 12am we’re releasing the movie Become for free online. This is my first movie , and I admit it’s a little rough around the edges, but we all have to start somewhere.

Join us March 11th at 11pm (MST) live on the Become Facebook :

and YouTube page

In April I’m moving to California, ( LA area) to expand my career as an artist by networking , and sharing my music in that area. I’ll be doing the Lyft thing, doing music at a local church, and a whole bunch of songwriting, open mics, busking, and publishing of music.

Gearing up for Become 2017, but I first got to pay off this last trip by making videos, writing blogs, writing songs, performing, and working to purchase an RV

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