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Through challenges and contest you will grow strong by exerting effort towards the goal no matter if you reach it or not . The point is to throw yourself whole-heartedly into the activity in order to gain strength and eventually win (over time). It’s important to see what methods, and techniques win, and also understand the standard , whether it be yours or someone else’s standard of quality. I say this because if you are striving to just please a certain community then your work could be fine, but in the universe of things it could fall short.

I say all this to say that I will be challenging myself (Starting Sunday) to :

Music Video Challenge – Create one music video a week . I will write script/song in a day , shoot in a day , and edit in a day . For example: write Sunday, shoot Monday, edit Tuesday, and upload Wednesday. Then i will evaluate the process through a short documentary…

Documentary Video challenge – Recap your music video making process through a video using your iphone, and imovie. Add music, narrate, and evaluate your experience. Background on the

Blog challenge – I will write a 350 – 500 word article about things I learned through the challenges, pros and cons, time spent, money spent, miles traveled, emotional drain, psychical drain, and what I plan to do next.

Marketing Challenge
Create 2 ads a week in photoshop

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