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Do Hard Things Reflection

I’ve been listening to a book on audible called , “ Do Hard Things ” and it’s a reflection of how low expectations robs teens of a fulfilling life. But I was thinking to myself, not just teens, but adults as well. If you ever get to a point where you feel like you have arrived, or “ that’s enough… God can’t do nothing else with me ”, then you’ve reached a place of arrogance, and as the Bible says “ Pride comes before fall”. It’s not enough just be praised in people’s eyes, it’s about looking at God’s standard , and striving for his excellence. As I think about our moral decline , I think how it is due to the same type of arrogance, the type of arrogance that has us to believe that since we have material wealth that… “ we have arrived”, but that’s not at all the truth, Like MLK said we have “guided missiles, with misguided men” and I think much of our misguidedness is from judging ourselves by man’s standards, and not God’s.

If we were to look at the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the life of Jesus we all can see where there is much room for improvement. Even in a physical sense it’s always better to do more than you did last time. If 50 push ups is easy do 100, if 100 is easy then do 200. We’re not done till we’re dead, that’s the philosophy I’m talking about. If we aren’t growing, we’re dying, so it’s important to keep moving, keep creating, and yes keep track of what you’re doing because it will be a life lesson for those who follow.

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