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Who’s The Boss? 

Fear of man is slavery , butthe fear of God is freedom

Numbers 22:21 – 23:26 

Numbers 22:37( Balak urging Balaam to curse God’s people for a reward) 
Contrast – Satan’s attempt to have Jesus worship him for the reward of earthly Kingdoms.
V38- Balaam can only say what God says. 
contrast – Moses was opposed by Korah and him and his followers up. Moses wasn’t imposing his will, and said it’s not my idea. 
Contrast to Jesus with the religious leaders who wanted to control his speech , and make him deny that he was the son of God. 
– if you fear man you will do all types of foolishness 
Who is the boss? 
Luke 7:8 ( understanding authority)   
– v9 Jesus was amazed at this mans faith 

– Do you see how your profession can build faith? 

– This man understood authority because of his position in the government 

– Look for ways your job reflects the truth of God , and give you faith to take action for the Glory of God. 
Who’s the boss? 

Psalms 37:32-40 ( God has the power) 
v32 – God has the power 
V34 – Do it God’s way
Contrast – Jesus says fear God who has the power to destroy both body and soul in hell. 

Key elements of character 

1. Humble , not jocking for position ( centurion didn’t even feel worthy to have Jesus in his house, Moses vs Korah)

2. Not anxious for an earthly reward from man ( Jesus, Balaam understood it was his life at stake , so the reward did not matter) 

3. An understanding of authority ( Balaam , the centurion) 
Real life example : Kids have no legal authority over adults , although they act like it . 
Conclusion : pray God helps us Remeber to understand authority

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