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Mongoose don’t always win

How does a mongoose win the battle against the cobra? 
At 4.30AM I woke up from this dream 
Picture this , a big bustling 70-80 ‘s office full of people doing their job. Phones are ringing, people are speaking louder than normal – it seems like chaos, but folks are getting business done . Then a shrewd , white haired, white man in his 60’s spouts off angrily like a military sergeant – cursing up a storm ” stupid s**** , stupid !” people’s faces are in disgust and shock thinking ” how dare he set a negative enviorment for us? ” then the TV comes on , with some happy- go lucky music , it plays for a minute or two, moods change, the boss calms down. Faces begin to turn to from ones of disgust to delight as they watch the TV screen with the battle of a mongoose and cobra , the mongoose is making moves , the cobra is taking some damage . Everybody thinks the mongoose is going to win , but it’s struck dead and the snake wins constricting the mongoose. The office goes quiet, from happy ๐Ÿ˜„ to somber ๐Ÿ˜
How does a mongoose win the battle? 
Then the thought entered my mind . A mongoose doesn’t simply win because he’s a mongoose, but he must use principles and methods to win the battle. 
Dream ended…
We have to be smart how we fight the devil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. He is a snake that has defeated many “mongooses” or ” Christians” . Although we have the power to overcome him , we must put into practice the biblical principles of Christ alone to defeat that snake. 
It’s not enough just to be a mongoose and go to the building we call church. It’s not enough just to serve on a church team. But you have understand the voice of God , be energized by his Spirit and move according to his voice – that’s the only way we win. It’s not with fancy ideas, music, and flashy graphics, but understanding God’s heart through Jesus Christ , and responding with the mind of Christ. 
The struggle against Satan isn’t easy and not all mongooses win, because not all “hold” on to the methods Jesus give us , and they are suffering serious wounds from it … near the point of suffocation from the devil. But if we use the methods Jesus teaches in the Bible then we will be like that wise man who built his house on the rock , the rain came…and the winds blew but it was solid, it didn’t fall. But the foolish man who neglected what Christ taught and did not place His ‘ words into practice fell into the hands of disaster when storms came. 
So which person are you? One who hears the words of Christ and puts it into practice? Or one who hears it, and says ” I’ll do it tomorrow” , 
“I’ll love tomorrow ” , 
” I’ll show mercy tomorrow “, 
” I’ll forgive tomorrow ” 
” I’ll stop being dishonest tomorrow” 
” I’ll stop being angry…”
While all this time we’re letting Satan the snake constrict us , and we’re losing the battle . The world office looks on us in shock and with somber faces ๐Ÿ˜because this was our time to shine , but because we didn’t use what God gave us to defeat the enemy, he has defeated and constricted us . 
Will this be us ? Will this be you? Will we live a defeated constricted life ? Or will you do what the word says? Forgive , love, and be merciful just like God has been merciful to you . We can hold no attitude of bitterness or resent towards each other, that’s how we lose the battle , that’s how satan’s venom affects and kills us. 

But when we learn to let go , be quick to forgive, and move in Grace. Then Satan can’t touch this. #mongoosesdontalwayswin

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