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Strike out

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” – Wayne Gretzky

I sat and watched my little niece of six years old play softball, and get discouraged when she struck out. For the rest of the game she started to run slower , and gave low energy. I know how she feels, and I bet you do too. We’ve all stricken out at times , (meaning tried new things) …and stricken out (meaning failed!) I stricken out in work , finances, relationship , etc… but watching my niece made me think of how God views us. Not once did I think ” give up kid “. I cheered her to go harder! 
The same thing can be found In the story of the prodigal son . The younger son struck out bad. He spent his fortune in wild living, prostitutes, and came to poverty . Yet his father was more than cheering him on when he repented and came home . 
When I get down on myself , for “striking out” it’s easy to let these feelings of failure overtake my behavior instead of looking to my savior Jesus Christ who rose from the gravest of circumstances , (literally the gravest!!! ) to give me inspiration, information, and direction for my life. 
So when you strike out. Your rival ,the devil, will throw mud and curse at you. But your Heavenly Father is cheering you on to push harder and get your head in the game. 
That’s what it means to “Be-leave”. Until we let go of the past , we can’t receive a better brighter future. If we’re not thinking forward with Christ, we’re thinking backwards with our demons. 

Be who Christ called you to be, and leave your past behind! #Be-leave

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