Malan Jones

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These Feelings 

It makes no sense the way I feel right now. It’s like you’re the only one I want to see right now , but the only one that won’t talk to me right now…like I’ve done some criminal offense , but I forgive you , I forgive you , I forgive you because like me we all make mistakes , but it’s a heartbreak we don’t communicate. 

We we’re friends , had a good start , but then a miscommunication tore us apart, and now we’re in the dark , but I’m standing in the light , just want to talk, but you want to fight … alright I guess I’ll leave you alone , delete all those kissy faces from my phone, because you got some other stuff going on.
But sometimes I dream it could be like when we first met when I knew nothing about you , before that last text….we were just chilling and I didn’t have these feelings….

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