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Unadressed wounds

How do you heal a wound? 
I had a dream that there was a thumbnail inside my right shoe … it had been there so long , that the pain of it ceased to exist. I walked around with no pain , until one day I pulled the shoe off and realized this piece of metal in the interior of my shoe . The thought entered my head ” how in the world am I functioning”. In closer examination I realized it caused a big hole in the heal of my foot, and although I could walk… it was nasty. I had trash in the wound , old candy wrappers, bald up napkins , etc was crazy looking, haha. but I wasn’t feeling any pain..
The meaning of my dream is not as clear cut as my last one. But I understand untreated wounds can end up in an infection that can take down the whole body . 

I don’t think it’s by mistake that I’m on this journey about ” be-leaving ” which is Be who Christ called you to be and leave your past behind . 
It’s a message of healing, forgiveness , and restoring wholeness to the body: personally , nationally , and universally. 

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