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Love and Devotion

I don’t need to follow the latest schemes in order to fulfill my dreams. I just need you God, you alone Jesus. My whole life, and identity is built on your WORD.

Song :

Love You All My Life


Clean heart, hear His words correctly Cali trip, safe travel.

Bible in One Year Reading : 

OT : Joshua 17:1 – 18:28

NT : John 1: 29 – 51

PR or PS: Proverbs 10:31 -11:8


Jesus was baptized for revelation, not for the forgiveness of his sin because he had no sin. Jesus will baptize us with the Holy Spirit. ( John 1: 31)

The unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity (Proverbs 11:3 )

The unfaithful  are trapped by evil(harmful) desires (Proverbs 11: 6 )


Prayer for correct desires,  prayer for the

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