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Anything else is insanity

It’s not about me . I’ve been having more vivid dreams . Last night I dreamt a warning that my schedule not be consumed with activities that were all about me that were self- centered . In the dream there was a schedule and my cousin was looking at mine and her sisters and it was empty except for a highlighted green block with all the time represented as “my activity” and what I wanted to do u…and that was the only thing on the calendar. I felt bad when actually seeing it . I take this as a warning and a warning to anyone else in this walk that our lives don’t evolve around us . That we are not “all that…” , no sir we are here to serve a greater purpose. We are merely instruments in this great symphony of life. Made to play our part in this great orchestra of life. 
Christians today play it too safe as if are lives are our own. Today’s modern Christianity sickens me . It is built on fear not faith . People without knowledge of Christ seem to have more faith then so- called believers these days. And I don’t do this to point fingers I do this to stay away from that lame mentality of fear and unfaithfulness to God. It’s either you actually believe God is sovereign or you believe that you are you’re own god. That it’s your power that saves 
My life is not my own , I’m married , yes in a committed relationship . Not to anybody but to Christ . And this isn’t a weird concept. People marry their jobs all the time , and folks will look a little weird at them but understand that in order to do a specific type work , takes a certain type of commitment. You have to set yourself apart for it…. anyone doing any profession knows this, olympians know this , military people know this , why don’t followers if Christ understand? hmmm , set apart , sanctify , think about military members they go through rigorous training , and lay down their lives for their country. They leave family in deployment, they understand they may die in war, but their is also great honor that comes with their submission life for the protection of their fellow man . This is the kind of commitment and dedication Christ is calling us to , the type of commitment that lays down its life for the Love of his countrymen. 
I’m here because of the mission to advance the kingdom of God in the media and film industry and that is not going to happen sitting back on my hands waiting for things to happen . As the light I must engage as Jesus did and be among them . Christianity is too safe these days, people are engaging in spiritual warfare with politics, and that isn’t going to work. It’s inner transformation , that results in external reformation , that ends in a eternal destination!!!! Change starts within, It starts with Us accepting who God created us to be , and being that . Not like someone else , because we’re all different letters in this book of life and we need to stand next to the right characters in order to make a meaningful life sentence.
So I’m not afraid to be where God has.called me to be , to be any thing else would deny the identity God has placed in my life and would rob creation of it’s fullness . 
I have to be me , you must be you and we must be free to move breathe and have our beings in Christ Alone .  

Anything else is insanity. 

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