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Didn’t Win , But Won!

I tried out for the Voice, and didn’t get selected, but I’m not disappointed because I got what I wanted “The experience”. I wanted to learn how they processed auditions in order to use for my own auditioning process. I’m not going into detail of how they do it right now, because I got to get ready for the trip back to Tucson. But I think the main thing they look for is talent+theatrics . There were lot’s of great vocalist in the place, but the one who went ahead had an eccentric nature in her performance.

There  is much to learn from losing, getting rejected, and failing  when it is evaluated properly. The principle though is exercising my gift, and challenging myself. Because with exercise my body of work gets stronger.

So that’s why I’m writing this post, because the principle of properly evaluated experience, and exercising your strength everyday, and taking on challenges is the way to a more fulfilling life. I’m happy I went, and i’m grateful for the people I met , and the lessons learned.

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