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Up Next (June)

This is what’s coming up next…

Project 1: Be-Leave
Tracklist* fo upcoming Album:
1. No More ( 4:06)
2. No More Negativity (1:50)
3. Bye Felicia (3:25 )
4. My Faith (4:05)
5. Can’t Contain (3:23)
6. Be-Leave (4:59 )
7. Worry Less
8. Be Faithful
9. Bloom

*Order subject to change

Project 2: Keepsakes of Triumph
interested in a film internship?
mail your resume to

Project 3: Travel – June 11th
Screening of Become at Crossover Church
Moving studio equipment to Tucson

Project 4: Become Brand
Become Righteous on
A look at Civil Righteousness.

Project 5: Jesus Party
Biblical not Political. Unifying the church to glorify one name in order to save lives.

Project 6: Teachable Lessons 

Music Production and
Video production .


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