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Behind the Song | My Faith

I wrote this song for a contest on asking me ” How my faith is important…”.

So… doing what I do best, I wrote a song! The contest is for $20,000 which would be more than enough to help me push the project BE-LEAVE forward ( Lyric Videos, Music Videos,  EVENTS,  Paid Ads, Paid Radio, Paid Rent…lol) along with other projects I’m doing this year…

1. Become Righteous ( online course on Civil Righteousness via,
2. Moving to Tucson to help Keepsakes of Triumph, Life in Christ, and local colleges end human trafficking through their non-profit.
3. Help Seth with his EP

Anyway, As you will note in the video… Faith is important, without it “it’s impossible to please God”(Hebrews 11:6). Abraham was commended for his faith. Jesus healed many because of their faith in Him. All types of miracles came from having faith. I took a trip to all fifty states to reflect on my faith, and where our country is headed when it comes to faith.

My faith in Jesus gives me the confidence to love and pray for my enemies. It gives me the courage to try again, and realize that since Jesus rose from the grave, I can rise above my circumstances!

Be who Christ calls you to be, and leave your past behind!

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