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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

When we do our work as artist we often throw MATH out the window because ” It’s a labor of love” and ” You can’t charge for that” psshhh…Yeah right.

It takes time, intelligent, and even money to do what we do. We do just a much labor if not even more than those who work a regular 9 to 5 shifts. The problem though is we don’t account for time or labor – we get caught up in the labor of love. Yet, if we are going to continue in what we do, and do it well then we MUST take into account the toll it’s taking upon our bodies. We must do the same math, the same math everyone else does in order to keep doing what we do. We must research , asses the market, do the math, see how much time it will take, and charge not on whim, but on the written charts. If we choose to be generous… fine, but only with the understanding of WHAT we are giving away.

Understand your worth! And if people can’t afford you, tell them that.

Awaken your little warrior,

– Malan Jones

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