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Do Your Best Even With Less

Principle : Having Heart

Elements of this Lesson

Matthew 25:14-30 ( Story of the talents)
John 21:20-22( Keep your focus on Jesus)
1 Samuel 16:7 ( God looks at the heart)
Mark 12:41-44 ( the widows offering)
Philippians 2:6 ( Humble servanthood with gifts )

White Privilege Race
Captain America – Grenade Scene

While watching a video about white privilege the idea entered my mind about doing our best even if the odds our against us. Of course, some people are born in better circumstances than others, just like some people are born with straight teeth, and other have to get braces. But what we should never lose sight of is our opportunity to run the race no matter how far behind we’ve been placed. 

Point 1: Use What You’ve Got
In the story of the talents, Jesus points out that everyone was given some amount of money to invest. But the one who didn’t use what he had was called worthless, and punished in the end. Yet the ones who used what they got were rewarded with more. So the moral of that story was use what you got even if it isn’t a lot. Don’t worry about what others have, concern yourself with God has given you.

Point 2 : Stay Focused
I’m reminded of what Jesus told Peter when he started worrying about everyone else. He told him “ Follow me” ( John 21:21). And before that he asked Peter if he loved him, and Peter said yes. Jesus replied feed his lambs, and sheep… you know the story. Like many of us, Peter has a knack for being distracted by others, and what others were doing. But in the end, we won’t be judge for what others do, but for what we say and do.But Jesus always redirected Peter’s attention from the wind and waves to focus on their relationship. No matter how bad we’ve been treated, we must keep our focus on Christ, and serve out of love for Christ, not based on what people do.

Point 3 : Put in Everything
We see this also illustrated in the story of the widow, and how Jesus valued her gift more than all the rich people. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.” (Mark 12:43). That lady had Faith, and she had heart.

I’m reminded of Steve Rogers from Captain America, how he had the heart of a warrior, before he had the body of one. He jumps on the grenade trying to protect everybody else around him. It reminds me of the slaves who were free in spirit before they were free in body – I’m promoting a little civil righteousness here, lol.


So no matter my disadvantages the principle is heart. The principle is doing my best even with less because I’m serving God. The principle is doing my best even when no one is watching. The principle is doing what I do out of love for God. God rewards me, I am to stay focused on his calling on my life. Not to mention the endorphins released when exercising what I’ve got. God doesn’t look at the things man looks at (1 Samuel 16:7) . Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart!

Everyone isn’t born with the same blessings or “Privilege”. We’re all placed at different places in the world…but our strength, and power isn’t made to serve ourselves, but to show God’s love. Our blessings shouldn’t puff us up or make us think we’re better than others, because Jesus being the “ very nature of God ” didn’t use his position to please himself, but saw it as a way to serve others and lives.

So no matter how big or small our blessings are we must USE THEM, and strive everyday to give our best because God is the one that rewards us in the end. I leave you with one more illustration that touched my heart. There was a father whose four-year-old daughter drew him a picture , it wasn’t a Picasso, but to him it was everything, because it was done out of love for him. That’s why we work, not to impress anyone on earth, but to impress our father in heaven. So though we may not be the best in the world’s eyes, we submit our gifts to God out of love. We give even out of poverty, and weakness, because it is unto God.

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