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Backward Bicycle

Watching this video

I was reminded of how education can open your eyes, but training keeps your eyes open. Just because you know something doesn’t mean your able to do it, just as a coach can train an athlete, but have no power in  his body to do what the athlete does.

This makes me more tolerant of people, and myself. I realize just because you know the truth doesn’t mean you’ll be able to act upon that truth, it takes some other thing, some mind shift…it takes a work of God’s spirit.

Even though Destin was weak in trying to learn to do the backward bicycle , he was persistent in it, and finally rewired his mind to think that way, and ride a backwards bicycle in 8 months.

His son however was able to do it in 2 weeks, Wow. So when it comes to people’s

beliefs , be tolerant, understand that even if a person is in the wrong, they might not take to the truth immediately, they’re gonna have to do some reprogramming in their mind to change. Don’t rush ’em , love em.

Father I pray that you do a work in me by your Holy Spirit to help me follow the way , not only by reading, but by doing. That as we train our mind to follow your way, that we be persistent, and see the bigger picture. AMEN.

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