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Become Better

Loss can make you bitter or better. The loss of a loved one, a job or friendship. The loss of trust and mutual respect. Someone didn’t follow through on a promise, you were overlooked, ignored, abandoned, lied on, cheated, molested, divorced, exploited, falsely accused, slandered…the list goes on of hurts. No matter your background we all have experienced the pain of loss, separation, and unjust treatment. None of us are exempt from it, we all have been victims and perpetuators of this pain and loss whether intentionally and unintentionally.

But where do we find healing? Where do we find forgiveness? Where do we find fresh starts? If you’re on that journey I can tell you that X marks the spot. The cross is that place where we let go of our burdens, bitterness, and insecurities. Everyone has a horror story; directly or indirectly…but when our story meets Jesus it can be turned to glory and a shining example of hope!

The determining factor is our choice. When we come to the realization that Christ is God’s forgiveness of sins, will we then hold onto bitterness against another? Or will we exchange that baggage of bitterness for a greater glory? I hope you do the latter. The only ones who will ascend to heaven are those who leave the weight of this world to the side. There are no bitter people in heaven.

Bitterness corrupts and harms the people and communities that hold it.
The message of Be Leave is to be who Christ calls you to be and leave your bitterness behind. We are called to reconcile people back to God (2 Corinthians 5:16). Jesus promises exponential joy, exponential-peace, and love when I lay my bitterness aside. He paid the way for me so I can pave the way for others. He is calling us to be builders of ancient ruins, he’s calling us build the walls of love, joy, and peace.

Jesus is the reason, he is the visible sign of God’s forgiveness, and because God has forgiven us we can forgive others. Before  God, each of us deserves death, but out of love, Jesus, being the very heart of God, took our place and was like: Kill me instead! I’ll take the wrath, I’ll take the weight, I’ll take the debt!Because Jesus paid our sin debt, we can forgive those who owe us. But if I refuse to forgive my brother as God has forgiven me, woe to me! For I would be like the unmerciful servant whom the master forgave a great debt just to turn around to choke out someone else who owes me less – the story for that unmerciful servant didn’t end well.

So what is my purpose ? I stand for love, truth, and righteousness. I may not get justice now, but justice will come, and it starts in my heart. The wrongs will be made right, the crooked places made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, my position is worship in every and all circumstances because God is great! And he’s working all things to my advantage because I love him. I don’t know everything about my future, but I know who holds my future, and he will carry it to completion. Because of Christ, I am becoming better, (not bitter) every day.


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