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My Mouth and Vision


This was 6 years ago, hard to believe. This was a submission video for the Oral-B and Crest ” Life Opens Up Project ” in 2011. I  won $25k, was flown out to New York, and featured on the Rachael Ray Show. Making the above video was a struggle! I was using Sony Vegas, and my computer would crash repeatedly – but I didn’t obsess over it. I’d hope to win but wasn’t connected emotionally to the outcome. But when I did win, I was extremely happy – 😁 I still, remember that feeling.

I was so nervous on the Rachael Ray Show. It was honestly a dream come true, but I didn’t know what to do with all that success – I really needed a mentor to help me draw up a blueprint of what to do next – I needed thirty-year-old Michael making me a checklist, LOL. I mean, I had talent, I knew how to produce, but I missed the whole marketing aspect of my career. I didn’t know where to start – but I thought I knew. All in all, it was a learning process.   Anyway, I can tell you that hindsight is 20/20. If I could have done it over, I would have moved to New York, got an internship with Platinum Sounds or moved to Orlando after graduating college. But I wasn’t thinking, It never crossed my mind. I didn’t see the opportunity, nor the urgency.

My original idea was to get a better vehicle so I could be mobile to get job interviews, but my parents talked me into keeping my old car, which turned out to break down and give me more problems than I needed. Then I bought this $2,500 customized computer that I thought was going to solve my production computing problems, and it crashed repeatedly until I sold it at half the purchase price!😭  The lesson here is to ALWAYS follow through with your original plans – unless God warns you in a dream or something… always follow through.

Another lesson I learned is to have a strong Vision, and don’t get comfortable. I moved back to Florida, and in with my parents…If I could do it over, I would have moved to Orlando or New York to seek out an internship from Jerry Wonda, because he does what I love to do…  But since I didn’t have a strong vision – I got sidetracked by women and lost my vision.

The funny thing about women, and call this lesson 3, if you chase them instead of your vision you’ll lose twice. You’ll lose your vision and then their respect. Never give up your vision for a female – unless God comes down from heaven and says do so in an audible voice. So if I could have done things over again I would have never pursued any woman, but most of all, I should have written down the type of women I wanted. Vision and planning are fundamental to success. If you have no vision for your life, then prepare to be miserable.

Now it wasn’t all bad,   I did some cool things in Florida with Soulmag… I’m not negative or bitter from any of my experiences, but I hope this serves as a lesson to anyone who wins big to seek out mentorship and to have a real vision for their life.


  1. Amen. Well written and well stated. On this journey called life, there will definitely be a host of distractions, even possible setbacks.
    I have watched the growth in you and even from the first day I met you, I felt that I had met a star. However, as I followed you for so many days, in fact being amongst one of the many to support your destiny, I realized you were being groomed for a bigger purpose, the Kingdom of God.
    That actually inspired me to finish my second of many books to come. I, too, started from humble beginnings and that launched me into writing all the more.
    Computers, money, cars and all those material things can never work better than the God-given tools given to us all of just your hands, your feet, your brain, your heart and etc. Sadly, many of us either never use, abuse or misuse them daily and never get to experience all that they can really do.
    Thanks for your transparency and all that you do for the building of the Kingdom. May we all allow your hard work to spark us to Be-Leave and become all that God would have us to be.
    Many blessings to you my brother and my friend.

    Christina Brown

    1. Hey, Christina! Keep up the good work, and thanks for being a part of this journey. Never forget that you are deeply loved, and cherished by your father in heaven. Much love to ya! Keep using your gift! 🙂

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