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Be Leave the Music Video

I’m always amazed at what the people of Civil Rights era endured. Some people look at that time and get bitter while I look at it and say ” wow… what perseverance, wits, and heart those civil warriors had…Both blacks and whites were ready to die for non-violence to stop the corrupt government.

Church leaders and clergy got involved because this wasn’t just an issue of skin color, but an issue of morals.  America is built on Judeo-Christian values, and with that comes the idea that we all came from Adam and Eve, not apes, therefore all of us have the image of God on us, which gives us this undeniable intrinsic worth.

Anyway, I made this video with the storyline of the Civil Right movement, mixed with the Civil Righteousness movement ( in Kalamazoo) and finally got around to shoot the lip sync here in Tucson. Enjoy!




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