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As it is in Heaven

As it stands, Sunday is still one of the most segregated days in American life according to Christianity today. What this tells me is that most churches are still worshiping the idols of ethnicity and culture rather than the invisible God in heaven who created all people to reflect his glory and image.

James 2:3 forbids discrimination and favoritism. He says if you treat someone better because of their “fine clothes”  then you have become a judge with wicked thoughts, but how much more does this apply to a person clothed by God with a skin of a different pigment?

I was a military brat and we moved about every three years.  I grew up the first part of my nine years in a predominantly white church, then the next nine years in a predominantly black church. Then I went to a church with more Hispanics, then I went to a church with mostly Asians. I had a pretty diverse background when it comes to culture, and I would say I’m multicultural. Anyway, what I learned is while we’re all worshiping Jesus ( who is a jew by birth), it seems that we have problems with integrating worship and being true to the diverse worship going on in heaven. ( Revelation 7:9)

I think this is one of the reasons why the world thinks heaven is boring… because when they see a bland, cold, uncreative church lacking diversity…they’re like yeah….couldn’t the almighty creator be a little more creative than this?

But what if worship became just as diverse as it is in heaven? What if we respected, and even enjoyed the different flavors God offered through his creation? What if we weren’t so closed minded, and didn’t shun the things God was doing through people of different cultural backgrounds?

Then the world would see Christ in high definition with all colors bearing his image and giving glory to God. Jesus’ prayer was that we would be “one “ (John 14:21)  Don’t you think it’s about time we took down the segregation signs in our hearts? Don’t you think it’s about time we become what Christ envisioned? Don’t you think it’s about time we worshipped together as it is in heaven?


Sunday Morning Segregation:

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