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Vertical Equal Sign

Become Righteous Logo ( Revelation 7:9)

While it may look like the pause button on your remote control, take a minute to pause, and ponder ” Vertical Alignment” that is being in sync with God. The prayer of Jesus was that God’s will be done  “on earth as it is in heaven”. There is no segregation in heaven’s congregation. In Revelation 7:9 we see people from every nation and language coming to worship God and declare his salvation together.

The Become Righteous Logo is a  vertical equal sign that represents a vertical alignment with God which brings about a lasting righteousness that cannot be brought by man-made devices, but only through faith. The square represents the New Jerusalem which is cubed, and purple as when heaven (blue) meets earth ( red).  The white represents the great multitude in white robes from every nation and language who worship and declare the salvation of God






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