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Joseph’s dream came true! But It was a thirteen-year journey before he became one of the most powerful rulers in Egypt.

Yet, it didn’t start that way. Joseph had a rocky start. First, he was sold into slavery by his brothers. Sent to the dungeon on false rape charges by his master’s wife who tried to sleep with him. Failed by the chief cupbearer who was supposed to put a word for him when he got out of prison. Yet in all situation, Joseph kept his head, remained faithful to God and faithful to the calling on his life. He didn’t become bitter towards people or God for the wrongs done to him. Joseph excelled wherever he was planted, and people trusted him, because of his trust in God.

Reading the story of Joseph inspires me because for 1) he’s at the awesome age of thirty as I am, and thirty seems to be a special number because Jesus was at that age when he started his ministry. I’m beginning my new ministry and business now. Two years ago, I moved all the way from Florida, traveled all fifty states and now reside in Tucson, Arizona. I left Florida with the desire to become more. There was a compelling, and prompting of my spirit to go explore and grow. It didn’t come without cost and challenges, but as I was reading the devotional today from the Bible in one year, I came to the realization that through all trials Joseph went through he remained Faithful to God, and did his job well. He did his job so well that wherever he went he was placed in charge by those in authority.

God has been speaking to me about being a wise manager of my resources, and just being faithful! I am convinced that if you are faithful that you will be successful. Many forfeit their God-given dreams by being unfaithful to what God has given them – I’ve done it. But we must remember to keep Christ at the center of our life, remain faithful to God’s word, and do great work! God will bring vengeance on those who do us wrong. Focus on your faithfulness to God, and be upright with God, that’s the only thing that matters. Joseph was upright with God, and suddenly it all paid off after a thirteen-year journey. So be Faithful.

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