Malan Jones

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“Taking up our cross means that our old praise-craving self has died.“There is zero profit in owning the entire world, since that cannot save your soul.” The soul can’t be bought by all the wealth in the world. The apostles] left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor [or to be shamed] for the name. – John Piper
It’s time to change our perspective on persecution, exclusion , and being an outcast . 
I see persecution as a badge of honor , like those who fought the injustices of racism with dignity and grace by following the footsteps of Jesus Christ and using non-violence to arouse the conscious of a corrupt and abusive government. They lost their life, only to find it and now are honored among the great! 
There is a sweet gospel truth in black history. The black background gives a fresh and beautiful contrast for the glory of the gospel to be revealed! 


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