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Morning Motivation #4 : Give Me A Clean Heart


This morning I was reading a devotional about having a clean heart. God looks at the heart, while people judge by outward appearances( 1 Samuel 16:7). The religious leaders of Jesus’ time we’re more concerned about looking good, than actually being good. In the devotional, Nicky was real about how easy our hearts can be lead astray with status, pride, and trying to put on a perception of “holiness”, instead of actually being holy before God by being honest about our sin and receiving grace through Jesus. In religion, it’s so easy to place on a mask to save face, and have the whole world cheering you on to hell. But God wants us to be real. He wants the good we do in public to also reflect what we do in private. We can’t be one way in private, and then in public be someone totally different – that’s not real. With Jesus, there is an awesome opportunity to confess our sins, turn away, and receive a new life. Praise God.


Father, I adore you, There is no one greater than you. You make the universe work in perfect harmony. You are the one who has synchronized the sun moon, and stars to produce life on earth. You formed every creature, and because of you we have food, and are sustained. It is not money that provides it , not our skills, but you are the source, you provide the food, and the energy to attain the food. It is your will that we are able to live and breathe. You are the source to you be the Glory forever, and ever!


Abba…I’m a fornicator at heart, I’m covetous at heart. I have broken your commandments. I’m deserving of death and hell. I’m deserving of punishment, I’m deserving of punishment. But thank God for brother, and Lord Jesus who paid a price I couldn’t pay. Thank you for coming in the form of your son to take away the wrath set on me for my sin. I worship you, thank you for Jesus.


Thank you, God for all that I have, that I’m able to broadcast this message of hope. That I have a working body to praise you with. I thank you for life. I thank you for the Bible and literacy, so I can know you. I thank you for this intimate relationship created by Jesus so I don’t have to die a horrible death, but that I can triumph over death. Thank you for my parents, thank you for my family, friends, and community.


Abba , you have provided so much. I pray I will hold on to the faith, I pray for the right people to come into my life. I pray for the right spouse. I pray against lust, and lies that try to take me off track.

I pray the same for my family and friends. Dear Father protect them from the evil one, provide for them, let them know what you got their back. Lord, I pray for my church leaders give them strength, and wisdom as they lead us in your truth. I pray for the leaders of the country and president Trump. Give him wisdom in dealing with every issue that we may live in peace, and preach the gospel.

I pray for our enemies and those who wish us harm. Let them have a change of heart, give them eyes and ears to understand your love, and to share this kindness to all.

Father, yours is the Kingdom, the power, and glory forever. AMEN

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