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Morning Motivation #8 : I Don’t Get Sick of It.

Think about your heartbeat, It beats at a consistent pace. But what if one day your heart said… “ahh. this beating stuff is boring let me skip some beats, and Do my own thang!” what would happen to your body? Yes, you would have some complications with living. Think about the sun, what if it said ” Ah this being the center of the solar system is boring” let me skip a day”… what would happen to our world? Goodbye earth! I wake up 5:30 AM to do devotion and get dressed. Then at 7 AM I do Morning Motivation singing ” Love you All my life ” almost every morning, and some would say this routine is boring, annoying, and meaningless, but it’s never boring to me! Every time I sing ” Love you All my Life” , It’s a declaration song, a marriage song to God, a song of my whole day and whole life. It inspires me, it fills me with hope, and purpose! Just as the heart is consistent to keep the body moving, and the sun consistent to keep our solar system in order, So are my songs and prayers to God. I don’t get sick of it.

Sometimes when people say negative things, I can feel discouraged, but as soon as I hear these tunes, I get filled with great hope and love. They remind me why I’m here, and my purpose. So I have dedicated myself to block out the noise, and keep consistent in my songs, and prayers just as God has created nature to be consistent. Birds got to fly, fish got to swim, and I got to worship. I also can’t stop expressing my love towards God in the manner in which he has created me to do so – it will throw everything off.

So, father, I pray that you would remove distraction and the urge for me running after shiny things. I pray for father that you help us focus on you, and have peace of mind. I pray that I won’t let peer pressure stop me from keeping up the pattern youset in worship, prayer, fellowship, and intimacy. Draw me close to you, and never let me go. AMEN

Invoke the Mighty Warrior!

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