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Morning Motivation 12 : Love Boundaries

So this morning’s devotion had me to realize that the rules God has established aren’t to harm us, but to protect us, and keep us from hurting others. We didn’t create ourselves, and we don’t know all the ins and outs of what causes harm to society – that’s why God has given us His well-informed view on boundaries. It reminds me of the stop signs, traffic lights, and traffic lines we have on the roads to help keep us from crashing into each other.

All the laws God gives are based on love ( Matthew 22:36-40). Love the lord your God with all your heart soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. I admit I’m not perfect at either of those, That’s why I need Jesus, and God’s Holy Spirit to daily work on my heart. That’s why I have to do a daily “worship shower” to get the funk of this flesh off. That’s why worship, prayer, study, and fellowship are so important in renewing this corrupted self-serving mind.

I know very well the things that tempt my heart, and I thank God for the law that helps me realize when I’m crossing lines. Coveting, cowardice,unfaithfulness, and lust has to go.

Everytime I teach young children I see the reflection of why humanity is in it’s broken state. Because children, like us,  often let their desire for things overcome their sense of hearing which leads to their own detriment. For example… you will tell a kid something like ” Don’t run in here, cause it’s slippery…”  but off they go; running their little butts off! Then they slip, fall and start crying their eyes out because their desire for fun overtook their listening capacity.

So My Prayer is
Abba, give us the sense to realize when we’re walking into a trap. Make the harmful things we desire look disgusting so we can draw near to  truth, and make it safely to our destination of ultimate purpose.  Amen.

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