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Morning Motivation # 13: We Can’t Lose

Battles are more than just bloodshed. Before any violent war happens, there is a war inside the heart. I mean think about it, what causes wars to happen in the first place?  It’s the ideologies, and images that drive our minds to fight for a cause.  Guns don’t fire themselves, bombs don’t drop themselves…it’s always people who are behind these things, people with desires for good or bad. The greatest battle we face is with our own heart, the images that live inside our head.

Yeah you know, the ones hard to erase. We have paths in our head leading us to productive or destructive lifestyles. But do we overcome these destructive ones? How do we get rid of these behaviors, and ideas that cause us to sabotage ourselves? How do we win our battles? How is it possible to have peace when chaos is all around, and when the news is predicting absolute disaster?

King David the who killed Goliath, and was successful in many other battles points out that no one wins by  brute strength, or muscle alone, or horsepower, or in our case gun power alone, but by trusting in God (Psalms 33:12-22).

If we look at our money ( The US currency) there’s the phrase “In God We Trust”. Why do you think that is? When our currency was being created  Rev. M.R Watkinson wrote a letter to Selmon P. Chase ( the secretary of treasury at that time) urging him to include something on our currency that showed our dependence on God. In response, Selmon P. Chase wrote to James Pollock who was in charge of the Mint.


Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins.

I’m glad those who came before us realized those who came before them and recognized God as our ultimate defender. Now on a personal level, I want to ask you. If God is for us what shall we fear? If God is for us who can be against us? The real battle rest here: Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the sovereign Lord,  Savior, and Messiah? Because the only thing to really fear is the wrath of God, But if you know Jesus then you know the wrath of God has passed over you, and that wrath will only hit your enemies.

Tony Evans reminds us that If people “kill us”  then we’ll be present with Jesus when persecuted our reward in heaven grows, and if we live in peace, then we can proclaim God’s goodness until he comes! We can’t lose! Remember yourself in heaven’s eyes.

Invoke the Mighty Warrior! ( Jeremiah 20:11)

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