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Fixed point of Reference

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How do we find the truth in a very self-righteous society? Where everyone promotes their own version of right and wrong?  Murray compares knowing the truth to the uneasy feeling we can get while at an intersection and a huge vehicle like a bus moves forward. Even if our foot is on the car brake we can scare ourselves and think ” Is the bus next to me moving forward or am I in reverse?” , he says “ Getting a fixed point of reference clears up your confusion and relieves vertigo.” (pg 7)

Having no point of reference is such a big issue for today’s generation. A few months ago  I was talking with this attractive young lady who claimed a homosexual lifestyle, and she warned me that she didn’t tolerate anyone who didn’t tolerate homosexuals.  She told me ” God made her that way”. As we continued to talk I told her ” We have very different perspectives, but I’m not going to hate you for that”.  Yet, I let her know that I  based my life on biblical principles of Jesus, and not the whims of current culture. I  told her God made her beautiful, but I didn’t agree that God made her ” That way”  but I did so in a way that wasn’t attacking her as an individual. I  told her when I get married, I may feel attraction for another woman, but it’s my choice to kill that desire before it grows into adultery. Now if I choose to let the feeling grow into something else, it was my choice, but I wouldn’t say that God made me an adulterer, in the same way, I would say God made her that way. I asked her if she felt where I was coming from. She said ” I understand what you’re saying as plain as English”, and we didn’t get into a heated argument. I know for a fact that I couldn’t have navigated that conversation successfully and if I didn’t ” sanctify the Lord Jesus”  as my fixed point of reference, and remember what Jesus said about marriage in Mark 19:4, and what the holy scriptures say about sexual relations.

All in all, I think Saving Truth is good to read because it stands as another creative voice of truth that points people to Christ as the ultimate point of reference and clears up this confusion of why we are here on earth.



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