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Make War Against Lust

Pippa said something humorous in the BIOY commentary today :

“ Samson was an extraordinary leader. He was like the Incredible Hulk with a bad taste in women…Why did he tell her his secret after she had already betrayed him three times? He must have known she could not be trusted. He was so strong physically, but weak when it came to women. He is not the only great leader to fall because of a woman.” – How to Deal with Desperate Times
Day, 133)

I can relate to Samson at times…God has used me in powerful ways, but many times women in the world are more aggressive when it comes to talking to and attracting a man…:(. It would be nice to have a godly wife to help defend that part of my heart. It would be nice to have a wife in this battle against lust, but thank God for family, friends, and the to remind me of the truth! God is with me, and the Holy Spirit is my helper, therefore I will win!

Invoke the Mighty Warrior

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