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Reflecting on Tori Kelly

” I guess we have different definitions of living, but you’ll twist my words anyway You’ll say that I’m naive, like I don’t have a past,– Tori Kelly, Unbreakable Smile

I love what Tori Kelly stands for. More than the music is the message behind her music to embrace the gifts God has given you. In an interview with Google, she said she once hated her curly hair, but I was thinking ” wow that’s one of your highlights”. AND then I see girls with straight hair using chemicals to get curly hair, lol – What is wrong with us?

There was a time I felt insecure about my dark skin because certain cousins would taunt me saying I’d be a “field nigger” and trying to associate my skin color to my worth as a human being.  But then I realized how many women liked my skin tone, and I figured hey… some people like it, some people don’t. Why distress over those who don’t?

We all have a past. My ancestors were slaves. My parents are black, I have XY chromosomes, I was homeschooled, overlooked and didn’t think like everybody else.  Why should I deny any of this? I love my history, every scar is a story of God’s providence.

It’s not healthy to distress over those who don’t like your style. The cool thing about being you is that you’re able to REBEL and be powerful by being uniquely you. Every time someone says ” Don’t do you”…DO YOU  and smile – this is our joy.

I have a low voice, and I sing in the key of G. I don’t sing like a Tori Kelly, talk like a woman or look feminine, cause I’m a man! It stresses my body out if I tried to be like her. God made me a man for a good purpose, and the purpose is the thing that needs to be focused on more than anything else. I flow at being me. I like my dark skin, and I like dark-skinned women along with those Asian features – there is beauty in every person. I can learn from Tori Kelly, but I don’t covet her gifting or success – I have my own. 

Love this line right here…

” You’re the one being deceived, I see right behind the mask  Tryna to stir me up and get me mad I smile because happiness is all I have”

Hollywood wants you to kill yourself, then they’ll discard you like a child does a toy when they’re no longer entertained. But it’s only when you realize that you don’t need them, and they need you is when you succeed.  I’d rather be a living stone God’s Holy Word, then a brick in the Hollywood’s broken system

 Point: Never seek to appease society, but seek to please God, and follow the truth he has deposited in your soul.

Invoke the Mighty Warrior ( Jeremiah 20:11;  1 John 4:4)


Unbreakable Smile

Tori Kelly Google Interview (2015)

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