A Faithful Son & Servant

A Dream and Song to Be Faithful

Three years ago when I stayed in California for a month… driving Lyft, and helping lead worship at a house church,  I had a dream that became a song. I was in a church that looked much like the place we meet for the Fountain-gate revivals. Anyway,  I sang this chorus “You can be who you called to be, but you must believe” and the congregation would say, “Be Faithful!”. When I awoke, those lyrics were fresh on my mind, and I finally grabbed my guitar and started to put some music to it.  

Reading The Whole Bible to Remember and Recommit

It’s the end of the year 2020 “the year of clear vision” at least for some. I know it was for me because God showed me in a dream at the beginning of last year how he is here, and how he has filled me with His Spirit to do his work.  My family has gone back home and I’m here planning an NYE party to give God the praise. I just finished reading the Bible in One Year and tomorrow we start over!

I appreciate the new year. It really is time to cut old habits and have a fresh start. It’s a time to put things in order and cut off bad attitudes. As I was reading the book of Nehemiah 13: 1-31 this morning (which is the last OT reading for the Bible in one year) my heart began to burn with passion to faithfully uphold God’s righteous standards in our country. 

Nehemiah had some real struggles and  it wasn’t easy upholding righteousness in his generation. He was a man passionate about God’s Word and faithfully devoted  to do the work; But everybody else around him was less than inspired. They were sleeping with the enemy, marrying foreign wives and letting their hearts be led astray by their foreign wives. The men had to be told to do the right thing instead of doing it from their own hearts. But Nehemiah persisted, he was passionate to keep God’s word, and commands. 

The skills I noticed about Nehemiah is that he kept bringing himself before God. Through all the persecution, lies, deceit, distractions and disloyalty from those around him, Nehemiah brought his case before God,  stayed the course, and kept God’s commands no matter how unpopular. His faithfulness didn’t depend on his friends, government ,comfort or circumstances but on his relationship with God . He said, “Remember me with favor , my God” (v.30). 

We have to remember the God who rewards and commit our work to Him. Like Nehemiah we must stay faithful and bring our struggle before God. Therefore, whenthose I trust abandon me, and the enemy begins to attack my character, I must put it before God and say, “Remember me with favor, my God”. Like Nehemiah,  I  do the right thing , and turn to God saying, “Remember me with favor, my God”. When people turn away, I turn to you Heavenly Father and keep your commands.

My Prayer 

Dear Heavenly Father, you know all my ups and downs. My coming and going, all the good things I deny myself because I want to be your faithful servant. Some people don’t understand, but you do. If I depended on people to understand everything  I do, then I would understand and do nothing. I turn to you Heavenly Father to give me the strength, and affirmation I need to move faithfully forward for the rest of my life.  

I exist to be faithful to your Word, there is nothing else worth living for. Therefore, I let go of every distraction. I understand it’s going to hurt some people’s feelings…including my own but I’m determined to be faithful to the purpose for which I was born. It’s fly or die. Therefore I get rid of any lust, pride, greed, envy, uncontrolled anger, filthy thoughts and language.  I take in your Spirit of love, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and fear of the Lord. Hallelujah! By your Spirit, I will be faithful to your commands my Lord, and my God. And when I have great success from keeping your commands; and am abundantly blessed with wealth, fame, and the praises of men, I will put no confidence in it, but my confidence and joy will rest in You alone! 

I desire the praises from your lips that say, “ Well done” my good and faithful servant.” Because You are the one who makes the sun faithfully rise and set from generation to generation . You are the faithful one who keeps your covenant, and promises from generation to generation! Therefore, like the sun, and your begotten son Jesus I will rise up to be a faithful son of your Word. 

So be it forever – Amen!

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