Michael aka “ Malan” Jones  is an  artist ,musician, producer, and filmmaker. He has produced over ten albums, recorded with multiplatinum producer Jerry Wonda, and traveled all fifty states making a documentary on identity. He founded Mic Solo Studios because he got sick of all the meaningless noise in society, and the constant chasing after empty identities based on materialism. He seeks to promote the identity that is based on the eternal Word of God’s love rather than the fleeting pleasures of this world. His mission is to keep vision by leading the way in love, worship, and commitment to Christ. 


Inspire and transform hearts with the gospel arts


To see people free from idolatry and sin that tarnishes their identity in Christ. We want people to realize who they are in heaven's eyes, find their voice,  and fulfill their good calling.

Become (2016).

The movie is about remembering who you are in the light of Christ and being the light in a dark world.