Malan Jones


Credits: Christopher Chapman

Michael Jones aka Malan Jones is an RnB singer/songwriter and film producer. His name Malan means “ little warrior” and having gospel roots, he associates the name with David and Goliath, and the tongue… which being a small instrument can change the direction of a person’s whole life, just like a rudder on a boat.

Malan Jones traveled all fifty state in North America to film Become and released his latest Album Be Leave (deluxe) on Feb 14, 2018. He is now helping to stop human trafficking through music and film with his local church ( Life in Christ) and business partner ( Keepsakes of Triumph) whose owner is a survivor of human trafficking.

He studied film and media arts at that University of Tampa, and graduate in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree.  His musical background includes formal lessons in piano, and vocal. He also played as a chapel pianist for five years before launching a career in songwriting.  He’s produced over seven albums, was featured on the Rachael Ray

show, and recorded with Jerry Wonda of platinum sounds.

He fights nihilism, and hopelessness through his music and telling the story of God’s love through Jesus Christ. He believes anyone can have a new start by believing in God’s goodness,  repenting, and letting go of grudges.

In his latest album  Be Leave, he sings “ Why waste your time being miserable, can’t you see your life is a miracle?”. This is an encouragement to leave grudges, and take action to do good while we have a chance to… because he believes how we treat people now will be remembered throughout all eternity. He says, “ To love others like you want to be loved  is the greatest commandment next to loving the Creator with everything we have!”

Malan Jones now resides in Tucson, Arizona where he is working on another tour and film with, the Jesus Party, that seeks to bring people together to celebrate the forgiveness, hope, and love we all can have in Christ.