Malan Jones

Artist Profile

Malan Jones is an R&B singer/songwriter, and multimedia producer with a gospel world-view. He delves in the realm of music compositions, vocal performance, and film production. He has two albums , one feature-length film, and an original motion picture soundtrack. He has worked with Grammy award-winning producer Jerry Wonda of Platinum Sound and was featured on the Rachael Ray Show in 2011. He is spreading the gospel with his music, films and non-profit the Jesus Party.


"Create inspiring, engaging, and interactive musical experiences that motivate people to worship God, and be transformed by an encounter with Jesus."


" Inspire and transform hearts with the gospel arts."


" The kid is talented " - Jerry Wonda, Platinum Sound
" Malan Jones was awesome Friday night. A few times his voice was so big for that place. Great job, nice music " - Monica Lopez
It was amazing, I really appreciated that encouragement that word from Malan and others to be bold. - Beverly Pruden

The Name “MALAN”

Pronounced Mah-lawn or May-lin but not Mulan. His name means “ little warrior” and having gospel roots, he associates the name with David and Goliath, and the tongue… which being a small instrument can change the direction of a person’s whole life, just like a rudder on a boat. Jeremiah 20:11 and 1 John 4:4 is a Malan's favorite scripture because it reminds him that our size on earth doesn't matter when God is on our side.

Fighting for Hope

I wasn't born of virgin birth, nor did I arrive on a pod from Krypton. I'm a man with weaknesses, desires for love and acceptance. My heart has been broken on several occasions, and without the gospel, I wouldn't be able to cope. Yet, knowing Jesus has revolutionized my heart because he showed me that WITH GOD all things are possible, even if I'm rejected or turned away... because he was treated the same way, yet overcame! He taught me to still love even when people hate, and that God works everything out in the end.  This is the message I'm conveying through my music and films. It's the message of hope found in Jesus Christ. With all the bad news in our world it's easy to fall into a nihilistic, and apathetic attitude, but whenever I see and hear the gospel I'm inspired to love again, try again, and never give up. I'm convinced that the gospel is the answer to the darkness we face today. So instead of cursing the dark, I now light a candle.

Education & Experience

University of Tampa ( 2012)
B.A. in Film and Media Arts

Northwest Vista College ( 2010)
A.A.S. Multimedia Specialist

What Now?

Malan is now promoting his latest album Be Leave, developing an educational program Become,  producing work with Mic Solo Studios,


  1. Reach 2M people
  2. Get the support of 1000 people to join the 1k club
  3. Build Managment Team
  4. Build Production Team
  5. Form Band
  6. Develop Become Righteous ( 2018)
  7. Develop Be Steel ( 2019 )
  8. Develop Become Great (2020)
  9. Develop Be Hold ( 2021 )

Skills & Knowledge

  • Music Production
    • Composition
    • Vocal
    • Piano
    • Bass
    • Guitar
    • Reason
    • Mixing
    • Mastering
  • Video Production
    • Final Cut
    • Premiere Pro
    • After Effects
    • Motion
    • DSLR's
  • Graphics
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
  • Web
    • Html/CSS
    • WordPress