Malan Jones

Malan Jones

Invoke the mighty warrior


It’s been a ten-year journey for the 30-year-old singer/songwriter & producer Malan Jones who recently released his 2nd album Be Leave. He traveled all fifty state in North America to film Become and now is helping to fight human trafficking through the arts.

Tucson is where Malan Jones released his first solo album “ Every Second of the Day” in 2007. He started out as Mic Solo, then Microphone Jones, and finally Malan Jones. His recent name comes from a combination of his first name Michael and his middle name Alan. Since the name Mike Jones (who? ) was already taken, Michael combined the first letter of his name with his middle name and BOOM! Out popped Malan Jones which means: the Little warrior that Jehovah has favored. He has been using that name since March 2015. Having gospel roots, he associates the name Malan Jones with 1) David and Goliath, 2) a seed, that starts small but turns into a big tree and 3) the tongue! Which being a small instrument, can change the direction of a person’s life, just like a rudder on a boat.

On Rachael Ray Show with Jerry Wonda

Speaking of the tongue…In 2011, his mouth got him a studio session with Jerry Wonda of Platinum Sounds by submitting a music video, My Mouth to an Oral-B and Crest contest. He did a studio session with Jerry Wonda producing his first professional single My Love Iz 4 You, winning $25,000, and featured on the Rachael Ray Show

With his latest releases Be Leave (2017) and Be True (2016) he fights nihilism, racism, self-doubt, and tells the story of God’s love through Jesus Christ which gives people a new start. He believes the message of forgiveness, and God’s love is especially needed in these tense times.

In the album notes of Be True, he writes “ everyone isn’t a guitar, everyone isn’t a piano, nor is everyone a drum, but we’re all different instruments in this

symphony of life! ” and In “Be Leave” he encourages individuals to be who Christ calls them to be ( people of healing) and leave all grudges behind! The album “Be True” inspired the fifty state tour and movie Become, which is about finding the HOPE in a very pessimistic society. Become then inspired Malan’s latest album Be Leave which encourages individuals to see life from a higher perspective and be a positive solution in a morally declined society.
Malan now resides in Tucson where he is working with Life in Christ Church and Keepsakes of Triumph to stop human trafficking by bringing awareness through music, film, and interviews with professional athletes. He is also working on another album Be Steel (2018) and tour “ The Jesus Party” which seeks to bring people together to see the HOPE, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS we have in Christ.