Malan Jones

Booking Agreement


This ‘ MALAN JONES BOOKING AGREEMENT’ (“Agreement”) is made between the [YOU] (the “Promoter”) and [MALAN JONES] (the “Artist”)), and is executed as a binding agreement upon payment by user via Malan Jones booking form. .


WHEREAS, promoter hereby engages artist, and artist hereby agrees to perform at the engagement hereinafter referred to within the terms and conditions contained herein.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and other good and valuable consideration considered hereinafter, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged by the Parties, and agree as follows:


Name of event: covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Name of venue: covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Venue address: covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Promoter: This is covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Contact number(s)/email: This is covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Date of performance: This is covered in booking form , see booking form input.

Hours of operation: N/A

[Optional Provision]

Promoter shall provide artist with:

(a) Required equipment: Sound System that’s good for an audience up to 50 -100 people or that is suffice for the venue capacity.

(b) Guest list of [NUMBER] ([5]) people;

(c) VIP access area with access pass

(d) Refreshments; at minimum bottled water.

(e) Green room , and bottled water.

The Artist’s performance fee for this event is $300 of which a deposit of $150 is required upon signing contract. Deposit should be made payable to the Promoter in the form of certified check, money order, or bank wire within five (5) business days of signing the contract. No personal checks will be accepted. The balance of $350 shall be paid to the Artist in cash upon arrival at venue immediately prior to performance.

A minimum of thirty (30) days cancellation is required to receive a refund. If adequate notice is not given, the deposit will be forfeited. Bookings are not confirmed until deposit and contracts are received. Artist’s name shall not be used on publications (flyers), or any other promotional materials until receipt of booking confirmation.

The Parties Acknowledge, Represent, Warrant and Agree

(a) Audio recording in any way is prohibited unless approved by the artist.

(b) Promoter agrees to provide a lawful, secure venue with all necessary permits to conduct the event.

(c) When applicable, promoter shall provide transportation in the way of one (1) plane ticket. All travel arrangements must be approved within fourteen (14) days prior the engagement.

(d) When applicable, promoter shall provide one suitable hotel room with late checkout.

(e) It is agreed and understood that for if any reasons other than the failure of the promoters to produce these events according to the standards agreed upon herein, an act of God, Civil war, or any other natural disaster of which the artist has no control, the artist will be ready and able to perform as per the agreement. If the artist fails to appear for any reasons other than those stated above, it is agreed that the deposit will be returned to the promoter fully, and promptly.

(f) The promoter, by signing this agreement, warrants he/she is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is authorized to enter into a legally binding contract.

(g) This agreement may not be changed, modified, or altered in any way except under full agreement by an authorized agent of both the promoter and agent of the artist.