Can’t Contain

by Malan Jones


Whoa, whoa, Whoa, whoa..


What is life , without meaning? It's like having lungs, without breathing I was born for a purpose, but these voices try to tell me I’m worthless When you love, then you're perfect, clean your heart then work on the surface. Be great in service, even to those who don’t deserve it


You don’t have like everybody else Please accept yourself You don’t have to be like everybody else Please respect yourself , Please respect yourself


I can’t contain it, I must explain it , it ’s the way you make me feel I can’t maintain it, I tried to tame it but it’s something I can’t kill It’s that fire, holy desire , to do my father’s will I tried to hide it , don’t want to hide it, until it is fulfilled.

[VERSE 2 ]

What is life without loving? It’s all meaningless and boring ? No more lies, No more poison , Time to breathe, cause you’re quite something. Don’t get stuck , on emotions, let it go, cause we’re all broken Give your love and devotion and let it always be outspoken