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Morning Motivation #54: Become Righteous

We are too morally bankrupt before God to pay for our own sins. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glorious standard. No matter how good we think we are, we all have fallen short somewhere. But thank God for Jesus that He paid the price we could not pay, and removed the […]

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Morning Motivation #53 : God’s Payment

We can never do enough to receive God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness of God is a gift given through Jesus Christ.We in our sins are too morally bankrupt to pay such a price. Only the blood of Jesus can wash away our sins, only his grace can make us whole again. Praise God. Invoke the Mighty Warrior […]

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Morning Motivation #49: VISION

We must first catch vision of God through worship, then we will receive the vision FROM God for our lives. It’s in God’s presence where we find meaning, worth. All other things can be left behind. God’s ways are “higher than our ways” ( Isaiah 55:9) , his vision is so much greater than anything […]

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Morning Motivation #48 : God’s Guidance

As I read through scriptures I realize that successful men had one thing in common: they spent time in God’s presence and inquired of Him. In the presence of God… answers are found. And when God gave them the answer, they also has the right Spirit to do it, they didn’t hesitate to follow through! […]

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Morning Motivation #47: God’s Plan

A city is a dense population of people where culture and new inventions flow from. It’s where ideas spread quickly, and much of culture is created because there’s something about people gathering together that changes our world. People gathering together to glorify God, and remember his commands is a good thing. It’s interesting to think […]

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Morning Motivation #46 : Eternal Perspective

Keep and eternal perspective. Worthy things are often difficult to do. You will ( like Jesus ) incur insults, ridicule, and maybe even death. But having a godly vision for your life will help get you through those tough seasons. Having a vision from and of God will ensure your lasting joy that no one […]

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Morning Motivation #40: Jesus Party

You are never too far gone – that’s the lie of the enemy. As I was saying in the video at the top of this post, I was documenting a documentary of sex-trafficking and the producer told me that some of the men who were selling these girls believed that they were too far gone […]

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