Malan Jones

Category: motivation

Strike out

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ” – Wayne Gretzky I sat and watched my little niece of six years old play softball, and get discouraged when she struck out. For the rest of the game she started to run slower , and gave low energy. I know how she feels, and […]

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Through challenges and contest you will grow strong by exerting effort towards the goal no matter if you reach it or not . The point is to throw yourself whole-heartedly into the activity in order to gain strength and eventually win (over time). It’s important to see what methods, and techniques win, and also understand […]

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Go Harder, and work Smarter

When things get hard that’s not the time to give up , that’s the time to go harder and work smarter!  Many times I would give up from rejection , failure or painful insults. Those hurts would replay in my head over and over again… The results:  I would start a task and not finish, […]

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