Malan Jones

Category: Poetry


It’s time to peel away those distractions, and fatal atttractions. Meditate on the one who loves you , who protects you , and who guides you. Let the idols die or you will become idle like them. Give yourself wholeheartedly to that one calling , let nothing deter you . Let people laugh , let […]

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These Feelings 

It makes no sense the way I feel right now. It’s like you’re the only one I want to see right now , but the only one that won’t talk to me right now…like I’ve done some criminal offense , but I forgive you , I forgive you , I forgive you because like me […]

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If We Forget

If we forget our pin number, we cannot log into our bank account, if we forget to study , we’ll flunk our test, IF WE FORGET GOD, our nation is hopeless. If we forget where Christ has brought us from, then we become self-righteous, indignant (feeling or showing annoyance at what is perceived as unfair […]

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